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“They were Heroes…... They were The sons of Eldrigeclay…”

When the son of the Eldridgeclay council leader is banished by his father he decides to take revenge. Acting as a feeble advisor and using his extensive knowledge of alchemy, he bends the will of a leader of a nearby city, Voltok, to attack Eldridgeclay.

However, Edgar, the king of Voltok became so consumed in the war that his family began to notice the change. Upon becoming worried about her husband, the queen of Voltok hired a small group of travellers to find out what was really going on.

Samuel Flint (human,fighter), Tayl Van Di (halfelf,ranger), Elben Stalkingwolf (elven,sourcerer), Laucian Galanodel (halfelf,rouge-wizard)and ‘The Bear’ (human,barbarian) dig into the life of the advisor and quickly discover the potion he is using to pollute the kings mind, and set off on a quest to recover the 4 extremely rare ingredients needed for an antidote.

Main Page

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