Tayl Van Di

"Run all you want... this guy is a mean shot with a long bow"


Tayl is a calm, collected Half-elf with a fast tounge and an even faster bow.

Raised as royalty, Tayl enjoyed the benefits of the high life. Swords, Armour, Gold, Women, you name it – he could have it. That is until his Father the King was Slain by his own Brother, known only as “The Baron”. The kingdom fell into disrepair and Tayl knew that he had to flee for his life.

After a number of years travelling the Lawless lands, learning the ways of the Ranger, Tayl became proficient with a bow, and soon became a successful hunter.

Eventually Tayl found himself convicted of a crime he did not commit, the theft of a blessed sword from the heart of the mages guild.

He spent the first week of imprisonment in constant terror, fearing for his life, believing that his location would now be known to The Baron. More convicts joined him and he slowly gained his confidence.

“Nice to meet you, Human…”

Tayl addressed the newest convict in a parched, croaky voice.

“The name’s Tayl”

Tayl learned that his new cell sharing comrades, Samuel Flint, Laucian Galanodel and an unnamed Halfling had been convicted of the same crime and they were quickly sent to recover the sword.

Tayl Van Di

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