Samuel Flint

"This is Sam, he's the guy who'll be taking all the hits..."


Born and bred in the small town of Eldridgeclay, Samuel is a freindly, kind-hearted individual, who seems to get along with (almost) everyone.

In his youth, Samuel became obbsessed with tales of adventure told to him by Frederic, the town blacksmith and trained in swordplay in the hopes of someday becoming a great adventurer himself.

Eventually, after a group of travelling merchants carrying valuable foriegn items passed through the town, samuel siezed his opportunity to hit the road 3 years passed, and Samuel found no adventure, instead, took a job as one of the merchants while listening out for tips on where he might find a thrilling quest.

While passing through the Human Capital, Fenror, Sam was wrongly imprisoned, for a crime he did not commit, the theft of a blessed sword from the heart of the Mages guild.

In his, dark, damp, flea ridden cell, Samuel heard a voice speak out from the shadows.

“Nice to meet you, Human…”

The voice came from the darkest corner of the room, and was spoken in a croaking voice. The owner of the voice introduced himself as Tayl Van Di. A previously silent individual also stepped out from the shadows and introduced himself as Laucian Galanodel.

Along with these other convicts (convicted of the same crime) Samuel was instructed to recover the sword from it’s last known location, a cave to the south-west of the Human Capital.

Samuel Flint

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